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- «The Economist Newspaper Ltd» 2022
2022 Volume 445 Number 931
The real risk of Bidenomics. Protectionism may end up hobbling America and its allies: leader, page 11. Joe Biden is attempting the biggest overhaul of the American economy in a generation: briefing, page 19. Will Iran’s women win? Their uprising could be the beginning of the end of Iran’s theocracy: leader, page 12. The protests are persisting, as the mullahs dither, page 41. Pondering a Putinless future Some among Russia’s elite are starting to think the unthinkable, page 47. The battle over Kherson, page 48. The claim of a Ukrainian “dirty bomb” has got America’s attention, page 25. Rishi Sunak’s very low bar The promise of stability for British politics: leader, page 16. The new prime minister chooses a cautious and defensive government, page 52. His first job? Clearing up the mess he helped make: Bagehot, page 57. The Bank of England has seen off some threats, but not all, page 54.

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