Discovering Computers: Tools, Apps, Devices and the Impact of Technology

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Misty E. Vermaat, Susan L. Sebok, Steven M. Freund, Jennifer T. Campbell, Mark Frydenberg 978-1-305-39185-7 Cengage Learning 2016
The Shelly Cashman Series® offers the finest textbooks in computer education. We are proud of the fact that the previous seventeen editions of this textbook have been the most widely used in computer education. With this edition of Discovering Computers, we have implemented significant improvements based on current computer trends and comments made by instructors and students. Discovering Computers: Tools,Apps, Devices, and the Impact ofTechnology continues with the innovation, quality, and reliability you have come to expect from the Shelly Cashman Series. In Discovering Computers: Tools,Apps, Devices, and the Impact of Technology you will find an educationally sound, highly visual, interactive, and easy-to-follow pedagogy that, with the help of animated figures, relevant video, and interactive activities in thee-book, presents an indepth treatment of introductory computer subjects. Readers will finish the course with a solid understanding of computers, how to use computers, and how to access information on the web.
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